A topic among others—examining the attention dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic through interviews with Finnish journalists

Framing the pandemic: from information to outformation in the COVID-19 era

The power of the economic outlook: An ideational explanation of the distinct pattern of Finnish wage setting within the Nordic context

Kaitila, J., Sorsa, V.-P. & Alaja, A. (2022). European Journal of Industrial Relations.

The article describes the dynamics related to crisis awareness and ideas through a case study of the Finnish policy process leading to the Competitiveness Pact of 2016. The writers argue that certain ideas (or an ‘economic outlook’) prescribed and legitimized exhausting institutional resources in wage regulation and enabled temporary consensus among divergent interests regarding wage policy.

Balancing financial incentives during COVID-19: a comparison of provider payment adjustments across 20 countries

COVID-19 in Finland: Vaccination strategy as part of the wider governing of the pandemic

Globaali pandemia ja paikalliset ratkaisut – COVID-19 pandemian paikallinen hallinta ja johtaminen Suomessa

”Kenenkä vastuulla tää nyt sitten on? Ei ehkä ainakaan meidän”: COVID-19-pandemian hallinta ja johtaminen Suomessa

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